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Rodgers Insurance Agency: Crafting Insurance Solutions for Every Need!

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

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When you think of an insurance agency, what comes to mind? Probably, the stereotype that everyone thinks. It’s a company filled with untrustworthy salespeople trying to sell insurance to people who can't afford it and may never use it. Sound about right?!

Well, here at Rodgers Insurance, we strive to debunk that narrative. We don’t think of ourselves as salespeople. We are advisors, advocates, and allies. We don't see you as dollar signs but as individuals with unique needs and dreams. Our approach is consultative rather than sales-driven. We take the time to understand your goals, assess your risks, and provide recommendations genuinely in your best interest.

Putting Customers First

We know insurance can be complex and daunting for some people. We also know everyone's situation is different. That's why our service comes with a personal touch. We do our best to explain things in various ways and as many times as needed to help you navigate the complexities of purchasing insurance. Rodgers Insurance Agency is truly a customer-first company. I know what you're thinking – this customer-first mantra is a cliché every company uses for self-promotion. I'll tell you why that's far from the case with us and why it isn't something we just say because it sounds good. No, it’s who we are, it's our culture.

The Man Behind the Plan

A company reflects its leadership, and the owner, Sean Rodgers, is the personification of being customer-centric. Like all successful products and services, they're born out of a desire to solve a problem. As an independent insurance agent, Sean saw a concerning issue in the industry- customers being mistreated by abrasive agents for no reason, at no fault of their own. It ate him up inside. He knew it wasn't right. Getting to know Sean, I can just picture his face turning all red and steam coming out of his head like a volcano erupting at the site of it all. It was disheartening for him, especially given his background in retail management and experience in customer-facing leadership roles. He understood what excellent customer service took and how to treat people.

Anyone who meets Sean will tell you he's the most down-to-earth, personable human being you'll meet. After reaching a point of no return with how clients were getting treated and wanting the freedom to be a stay-at-home dad, he started Rodgers Insurance Agency. He wanted to do things his way, where there's no misconception of the service customers will get. Nothing but the best! It's undeniable that Sean's personality has shaped this agency, and Sean instills the same message in those he employs and those who have the pleasure of doing business with him and his agency. It's about going above and beyond to help others.


Ultimately, Rodgers Insurance Agency isn’t the stereotype; it's the exception. We are not here to meet quotas or maximize commissions at your expense. Our goal is to serve, support, educate, and provide insurance solutions tailored to protect your future. We believe in transparency, trust, and empowerment. So, we'll have posts on our site giving you accurate, unbiased information on all home, life, auto, and business insurance. Even if you choose not to do business with us, we still want you to be able to make sound insurance decisions for yourself. No one should be in control of your future but you!

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